Her World Doc Talk Dec: Body Sculpting

Her World Doc Talk Dec: Body Sculpting

Her World Doc Talk Dec: Body Sculpting

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you want to look your slimmest and most svelte. Dr Karen Soh, medical director of Prive Clinic, tells you which body-sculpting treatments can help prep your body for the festive season.

  1. I put on the most weight in December because of all the festive feasting – spend the entire year trying to work it off. Is there a treatment to give me a headstart for this process after all the eating is over?

To raise your resting metabolic rate and help your body burn calories more efficiently, muscle building is of paramount importance. In short, more muscle mass means that you can feast more during the festive season, without putting on any weight. I usually recommend my patients to start on Emsculpt early to build muscles ahead of the feasting season. This treatment uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to stimulate the muscles, inducing powerful muscular contractions that tones and builds muscles while burning fat all at the same time. This help increase metabolism for continuous fat burn, and for a more sculpted, leaner body. Popular areas of treatment include abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs, biceps, triceps and deltoids. For best results, four to six sessions are recommended. Clinical studies have shown it can stimulate muscle mass increment of up to 16% and fat reduction of up to 19%. According to the study, waist circumference was also reduced by 4cm.

A single 30 min session of Emsculpt would be similar to doing 20,000 sit-ups at the gym so most patients like this treatment for the efficient results. It’s great for busy working adults or new mothers as you can pop in and out of the clinic quickly and continue your day right after. Also, if patients do gain weight after festive eating, we are well-equipped with different types of FDA-proven safe and effective treatments here at Privé.

  1. My curvier friends are always envious of my slim figure but they don’t see the belly pooch I hide under looser clothing and how I keep my tummy sucked in. Is there a treatment that can help?

Ideal for targeting stubborn pockets of fat, Coolsculpting is a US FDA-approved non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring treatment. It uses controlled freezing to destroy up to 20% of fat cells in a single session, which are then flushed out from your body as waste gradually over the next few weeks.  At Privé, Coolsculpting is one of the most highly requested treatment. We now have 2 machines so we may do dual sculpting (2 areas at a time) to save time for patients.

Another treatment that is great for targeting stubborn belly fat is the Vanquish treatment. Vanquish uses a non-invasive, contactless panel array which creates a high-frequency Selective Field RF™ energy to destroy fat cells, and reduce volume of the fat layer without harming surrounding tissues. Vanquish can target a large area at a time, so it is great for those looking to reduce fat volume over the entire belly and love handles.

At Privé we may sometimes combine two or more treatments for optimal results. It all depends on the individual patients’ goals and needs. After a detailed consultation at my clinic, we will customize a uniquely tailored program suitable for the patient.

  1. It’s been six months since I gave birth and my abdomen is still jiggly. I’ve lost all my pregnancy weight except for this area.

As a mother of 4 myself, I fully understand the stress and challenges many women face post-pregnancy. Some may find themselves struggling with stubborn post-pregnancy weight gain, while others may need help with cellulite, loose skin or stretch marks. In some cases, new mothers may also find themselves with Diastasis Recti, a condition also known as post-partum muscle separation. This happens when the abdominal muscles and connective tissues are stretched out from the expanding uterus during pregnancy, or from pushing during delivery. Women with Diastasis Recti may find themselves with a stubborn lower-belly bulge, or continue to look pregnant months after delivery.

Emsculpt is FDA cleared for improvement of abdominal toning and strengthening of the abdominal muscles. According to clinical studies, an average of 11% reduction in diastasis recti was achieved and more than 95% of patients were extremely satisfied with the outcome. For a holistic post-natal treatment, we often combine this treatment with Coolsculpting to target fat loss, or Exilis Elite Body for skin tightening and reduction of cellulite.

Regardless of the issues faced, we are here to understand, support and help patients. I would advise patients to come down for a consultation at the clinic and get a proper diagnosis so we can discuss solutions to allay their concerns. Privé Clinic is fully equipped with treatments to target muscle, fat, cellulite and skin laxity. With combination treatments that complement each other, we can work together to help mothers get back their pre-pregnancy figure, and regain confidence.

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Fun Fact: Did you know that the number of fat cells a person has is predetermined by birth, but can multiply over the years with excessive weight gain? However, when a person loses weight, the number of fat cells remains the same, and they merely shink in size! That is why a slim and sculpted body can be a struggle to achieve for most.

Treatments like Emsculpt and Coolsculpting are clinically proven to treat and destroy excess fat cells permanently, and help you get in shape more easily! Contact us at +65 9656 5380 to find out more!

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