At Prive Clinic, we recognise that different people have different concerns from unwanted moles, milia seeds and tattoos and want them to be removed in the safest way with minimum or no downtime at all. Using the latest technologies, we provide a comprehensive range of treatments to address these concerns. These procedures are best done by a trained medical doctor. In the hands of an untrained professional, complications like infection, scarring and discolouration may occur.

For those who have hair concerns, we also do hair fillers that promotes blood circulation in the scalp and revitalizes air follicles. This procedure also induces hair growth by increasing the size of hair follicle and stops hair loss.

At the same time, we have also been seeing increasingly more women who are struggling with
urinary or stress incontinence and a decreased in sexual satisfaction. Urinary or stress incontinence is a condition where one has the inability to control the abdominal pressure, resulting in urine leakage when a woman laughs, sneezes, coughs or even lifts something heavy.

This is a result of vaginal looseness. A loose vagina or the weakening of pelvic muscles can be triggered by numerous reasons, such as childbirth, menopause, or simply because our bodies are aging. The vagina gets loose due to the natural stretching and tearing of the pelvic muscles on the vaginal walls when you give birth or get older. As you age, you don’t only lose collagen on the face, the vaginal tissues are made of collagen as well and decreases over time resulting in loss of laxity and elasticity. This health issue causes insecurity, damages your confidence, and can make you feel depressed.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure performed to increase vaginal sensation or to tighten a loose or wide vagina. A lot of women opt for vaginoplasty surgery, which is a cosmetic surgery used to tighten the vaginal walls. This option is expensive, painful, have downtime and can have health risks. There are other non-surgical ways such as Ultra Femme 360 to get back the tightness of your vagina without having to resort to vaginoplasty if you don’t want to.

Ultra Femme 360 is non-invasive procedure for women who have had children via vaginal deliveries as well as women who would like to restore sexual satisfaction. The procedure utilises ultrasound and radiofrequency waves in a single applicator to rejuvenate the vaginal tissues and stimulate skin collagen. This treatment is virtually painless and requires no recovery time, allowing you to get back to work right away.

Regardless of the procedures you would like to undergo, it should be performed in a medical aesthetic clinic. It’s important for the doctor to assess you prior to your procedure and advise you on the best treatment options for the best outcome.

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