Breast Fillers (Breast Enhancement)

Breast Fillers (Breast Enhancement)

Breast Filler


Breast enhancement filler is a way of enhancing breast size without resorting to intrusive surgery. Commonly known as the ‘boob jab’, a HSA-approved filler is delivered into the breasts via precise injections of hyaluronic acid (HA) gel. When the filler is injected below the breast tissue, it presents your own breasts forward, making them appear better endowed. With little or no bruising, this treatment presents minimal recovery and downtime and produces natural results.

This non-surgical breast enhancement filler has gained popularity for women wanting to increase the size of their cleavage and those who have breast fed and are left with breasts that lack volume and firmness. Aside from increasing breast size, it can also be used for re-sculpting and re-contouring of the breasts for a noticeable lifting effect.

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How it works

The hyaluronic acid (HA) is delivered from an inconspicuous injection point under the breasts. Hyaluronic acid is a compound which is naturally found in your body, under the skin. After it is injected, it will slowly metabolise in the body and break down into bio-compatible products, which will then be naturally expelled. This treatment is very safe and if patients do not like the results, it can be dissolved with an injection of an enzyme.

Suitable Candidates

Breast enhancement filler is ideal for the following types of people:

  • Young women, pre-pregnancy, who wish to increase their breast size
  • Women who, after breastfeeding, have slightly saggy breasts and wish to attain a fuller shape
  • Women who wish to restore lost volume in the breasts due to aging
  • Women with one breast bigger than the other

To find out if you are a suitable candidate, a thorough consultation with our doctor is necessary, during which, a detailed history and examination will be taken and the details of the procedure explained. A mandatory ultrasound and mammogram scan will be scheduled to rule out any possibility of complications, so that we are able to distinguish filler-related problems from other problems.

Patient Expectations

The treatment duration lasts about 1 – 2 hours and local anaesthetic will be given to patients for a comfortable experience. After the procedure, patients may experience some redness, swelling and bruising. Extreme care should be taken of the injection site to prevent infection. Results of breast enhancement filler are noticeable and can last 12 – 18 months

*Treatment is conducted by a certified doctor.

Important note:
The Ministry of Health of Singapore does not allow the publishing of before and after photographs and patient testimonials in advertising materials. If you visit our clinics for more information, we will be happy to show you more photographs and pictures of our patients.

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